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10 Reasons Koh Phangan is Perfect for a Family Trip

Most people mistakenly equate Koh Phangan only with Full Moon Parties, drunk backpackers and magic mushrooms. Here’s 10 reasons why Koh Pangan can be a perfect place for a trip with the family.

1. Non-crowded beaches

Not many people know that Koh Phangan has perfect wide-sandy beaches to offer. The result? Fewer people go and you will not find a patchwork of towels and umbrellas disturbing your view.

2. Space & Quietness

If you plan your visit outside of the Full Moon period (around 5 days before and 2 days after) the island, including notorious Haad Rin beach, may almost feel secluded.

3. Soft, wide and child friendly beaches

The beaches are just as perfect as you can imagine – soft, wide and absolutely beautiful. Inviting you to bury your toes in the sand and your kids to build huge sand castles all day long.

4. Turquoise, shallow and child friendly water

As goes for the beaches, the water is both temptingly beautiful and perfectly suitable for kids: Shallow waters and few or no waves.koh phangan view family

5. Other children to play with

Especially if you stay at Haad Salad there will be other kids to play with. Your kids will love it.

6. Beach Front Accommodation

At some places in Thailand it’s hard to find beachfront accommodation (e.g. Phuket), but at Koh Pha Ngan it is almost standard. You can even get (affordable) bungalows located right on the beach.

7. Ideal Family Accommodation

Need a spacious room for your family? No problem. Koh Pangan has plenty of family accommodation, we can recommend Cookies Salad which has fantastic balconies to enjoy with your family.

8. Value for money

The prices at Koh Phangan are very reasonable – especially when you avoid the Full Moon period. So if you are looking for good resorts at a bargain price, you may be able to find it here.

9. Laidback atmosphere, in comfort

Being less developed as a tourist destination than other Thai islands you can still find that laidback atmosphere that ruled in Thailand 20 years ago – yet stay in comfort.

10. You can still go during Full Moon – and not notice it

Koh Phangan is 168 square kilometers and houses many beaches. The Full Moon Party takes place at the southernmost beach in Haad Rin only. So you can easily go to Koh Phangan during the full moon period and not notice it at all.

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