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10 tips for things to do in Kathmandu!

Sometimes it can be hard to get passed the crowd and go beyond the ordinary, to find all the hidden and unseen things i the big cities of Asia. But we have tried to give it a try, and want you to join in on 10 of the things Kathmandu got to offer!

Monkey Temple:

Monkey temple well famous as Swyambhunath is situated at the top of the hill. It is an ancient religious complex consists of a stupa, variety of shrines and temples surrounded by forest.

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Kathmandu monkey temple

Ason Market-

Walk through one of the oldest traditions market of Kathmandu. This local market is full of different small shops and is one of the main shopping areas for Nepalese to buy the daily goods. The street is full of different spices and you can find almost every kind of ingredients you need to make your curry taste better!

Location: In the Indra chowk area

Visit to Living Goddess ” Kumari”

One of the most popular sites to visit in Kathmandu is the Living Goddess kumara, who greets the devotees from the balcony of her temple residence. Every year in August- September a festival is held in Kathmandu Durbar square where Kumar comes out of her residence and she will be taken around the cities of Kathmandu in a two-wheel chariot.

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Biggest Hindu Temple “Pashupatinath”

Pashupatinath temple is one of the holiest temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, situated among a lush green natural setting on the bank of the sacred Bagmati River. The temple was built in pagoda style with beautifully carved wooden rafters and a gold pinnacle, which is a symbol of religious thought. The entrance of the temple is strictly prohibited for non-Hindus, however visitors are permitted to view the temple from the east bank of Bagmati River where the crimination takes place.

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Garden of Dreams:

The Garden of Dreams is a peaceful oasis with full of unique architect and varieties of flower and fauna. It’s situated in the heart of Kathmandu and close by the main tourist area Thamel. The garden was created by late Field Marshal Kaiser Sumsher Rana in early 1920 and considered as one of the most sophisticated private garden of that time.

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Bhaktapur Durbar Square:

Bhaktapur is the one of the three ancient cities within the Kathmandu Valley. Bhaktapur is the home of true medieval art and architecture in the valley and center of traditional Nepalese wood carving.

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One of the best ways to explore the outskirt of Kathmandu city is to take a bike and be out of the hustle and bustle of center city. You will be surprise how the scenario would dramatically change from honking car to the peaceful greenery and field of rural area.

Shopping in Durbar Margh

Durbar Margh is the shopping and dinning street where you could find all the branded shops and fine dining places. Situated in walking distance from the main tourist hub it’s the place to visit if you wish to spend some money on buying branded cloths, shoes or to have KFC chicken or Pizza at Pizza hut if you are missing it a lot.

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Local dish:

A visit to Nepal is never complete without the taste of Nepali cuisine. The dal bhat (Rice, lentil with vegetable or meat) is the most famous dish in Nepal. Momos is another most popular dish for lunch which is kind of similar to Chinese din sum. There are plenty of restaurant which serve the traditional cuisine.



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