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Diving the Similan Islands

The Similan Islands are world-famous for scuba diving. Why? Because it’s not only the best place in Thailand to go diving, it’s also one of the cheaper places to do a liveaboard and stay on board a boat for 3-4 days and do nothing but diving, eating and sleeping. And what’s not to love about that.


To make the most of a liveaboard on the Similan Islands it’s highly recommended that you either have or do your Advanced Open Water on the boat. You do 4 dives every day and most dives are pretty deep; down to 30 meters. And you can only go that deep if you have your Advanced Open Water Certificate.

So what do you get to see! Of course nothing is guaranteed as none of the diving companies can control the fish and where they swim. But generally you get to see a lot of interesting things during your dives. Big sharks, turtles as well as small shrimps and snails. So whether you are in to whale sharks and manta rays or macro life, Similan is the place to go.

I have already done 2 liveaboards on the Similan Islands and I have my third one planned within the next week. I have seen lots of colorful nudibranches, small harlequin shrimps, turtles coming very close while feeding them bananas, beautiful butterfly fish and angel fish, buzzing box fish and trigger fish, plenty of Nemo’s, huge leopard sharks, cute sea horses and weird frog fish, hunting moray eels and different kinds of reef sharks. And lots of living and colorful coral filled with small and very different and beautiful fish, snails and crabs.

If you are in to diving and want to experience the best diving in Thailand, don’t wait; safe some money and get going now before it’s too late and the prices get higher and the corals get wrecked. And do try to spend 3 or 4 days on a liveaboard as you get further off the coast, the diving gets better and you meet fewer other divers. On top of this a liveboard in itself is indeed a nice experience as you meet other enthusiastic divers and you just chill out on a boat and enjoy the lovely weather and the amazing sunsets.

Thinking about trying a liveaboard experience in similan? Check out our liveaboard tours. Psst you don’t have to be a diver to be on the boat!

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