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Explore the Cities of Asia by Bicycle

One of the best ways to explore the cities of Asia is by bike. The tour through the city will take you closer to the lived life. You can easily jump off to explore a small side alley, a vibrant temple or to have a snack at a small roadside shop and talk to the locals. By bike you go fast enough to cover some distance, yet slow enough to be able to make changes, diversions, and follow your instinct. When in a car or a bus, you are merely an observer, but on a bike you are a real part of the vibrant city.

When should you go biking?

Evenings and mornings are ripe for bike explorations. The light is fine, temperatures are good, and in morning and evenings locals tend to have more time. To talk, discuss and to have a good laugh. Watch monks collecting food in the crisp early hours with the soft morning light playing in temple spires, Be there when the locals are waking up, walking around with a morning coffee, and see how the city slowly but steadily becomes vibrant and faster. In the evening when the light disappears and evening unfolds, the speed of urban life gears down – and so do temperatures. People get laid back and hang out. At corners, at eateries, everywhere.

How can you go by bike in the cities Asia?

Go Beyond Asia does biking tours in Mumbai and Delhi in India, in Kathmandu in Nepal, in Bangkok and Chiang Mai in Thailand and in Beijing and Shanghai in China. Have a look at a selection of the bike tours below, and go on one if you like. It’s truly an experience off the beaten track.

Mumbai and Delhi in India

Best of Mumbai – 4 Days

Cycle Tour Shahjahan Route – 1 Day


Kathmandu Biking Tour – 1 Day

Bangkok and Chiang Mai in Thailand

Hidden Chiang Mai Food Bike Tour – 1 Day

Bangkok Bike Tour Afternoon

Beijing and Shanghai In China

Beijing Urban Adventure – 4 Days

Shanghai Urban – 4 Days






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