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Get a soft start in the cities of Asia

Get a soft start in the cities of Asia

When arriving in an Asian city like Delhi, Bangkok, Hanoi or Beijing, most travellers get a shock. From the noise, the speed, the smells and the intensity of people. Instead of trying to absorb the city, people tend to escape to a beach side. Escape to slowness. Get out as fast as possible. And before getting away they spend hours walking down alleys and roads to visit defined attractions and to find the best neighborhoods.

Have you tried it? That’s common urbanitis.


The magic pill

If you want a magic pill to avoid the common urbanitis, an arrival package is what you are looking for! You will be picked up in the airport or at a train station and taken to the first nights’ accommodation.

No haggling with taxidrivers, no walking around to find the a hotel. Get settled, sleep away your jet lag and get out to explore the city!

Get yourself a soft start in a big city in a new country. Have a look at some of our arrival packages


Find the right urban Experiences

The Asian metropoles are growing. The art scenes are moving and booming – with vitality, and craziness too. The music scenes are hip, whether it is V POP in Vietnam or T pop in Thailand. The local foodscape grows in all dimensions. The curious travelers want to go where the locals go, to find the colourful and vibrant neighborhoods, and to see things that are not necessarily in the guide books. If that sounds like you, go for an urban experience with Go Beyond Asia.

Across Asia’s urban spaces we recommend guided bike trips as the way to explore. On a bike, you get close. You can stop where ever you like, go down narrow alleys, have a taste of dumplings at a roadside shop, talk to locals and get the chance to be invited in.

In MUMBAI we have teamed up with an NGO. Our guides here are former slum children who expertly show you through Mumbai at night time with attitude and insight.

In BANGKOK we do evening Chinatown trips with a taste of local top food stalls, stories about the food, Chinese amulets, and film set.

In BEIJING we take you biking to get an insight of the topography of the vast city, bring you to the heart of the 798 art district, and to off the beaten track at the great wall not that far from the city.

This is the way to see the city from a different angle guided by locals who know their city.

Happy travel!

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