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Insider guide to Bangkok

We believe in curiosity, and want to inspire you to go beyond the touristic and ordinary routines when you visit Bangkok. We do like sights such as the Grand Palace and Wat Arun (The temple of Dawn), but also like to go to the less travelled places and want to help and encourage other travellers to capture the streets of Bangkok on their own.

That’s why we put up our insider guide to Bangkok!

We love Bangkok. And we love to share our passion for the city with you. This list may not represent the conventional places, but we guarantee you that each and every one will bring you a unique experience or urban exploration way beyond the ordinary.

Insider guide to Bangkok
Click here to download the Bangkok Map for your laptop, tablet or phone

So what does the Bangkok map contains, and what can you expect?

BTS, MRT & River Routes

For some travellers is the thought of taking public transport a scary thought, and with the cheap Taxi and tuk tuk prices it is tempting not to do it as the locals. But! Once you realise how easy it is to take the skytrain (BTS) or going by boat at the River Phraya you will get to explore new places, you didn’t expected to visit when you started your day!

Navigating The Streets with Thai Translations

Its not a secret that it is very few travellers in Thailand that’s able to speak and read thai, even for expats it sometimes can be a struggle to navigate the streets of Bangkok. We have translated 38 coordinates on the map to make it easier for you. Maybe you will end up learning some Thai at the same time?

Sky Bars

Bangkok is at your feet and the city is yours! Here’s a list of our favourite places with beautiful skyline views, perfectly chilled drinks and that fine atmosphere that will stay inside you for a long time!

Bars & Restaurants

It’s not hard to find a place to hang out in Bangkok – but it can be hard to choose! For a special experience, go for one of the following places; swiping you back to Shanghai in the 1920’s or your childhood drem; bringing you bargain 5-star cuisine, live music or a dinner with a view.

Malls & Markets

Shop-til-you-drop can be taken quite literally in Bangkok. So what to choose? Here’s a selection of pop art malls and retro inflicted markets. All are urban hip hangouts where shopping is but the excuse to go.


Escape the traffic and city stress and chill with the locals in green surroundings. Go early for a bit of morning tai chi. Go late for the public aerobic classes. Or explore the cemeteries, the hidden corners and the slow life in Bangkok’s green lounges.

Insider Guide to Bangkok


Are you “Templed out”? Then try these fin places that will bring back your fascination and make you wonder.


Some buildings and structures are just out of this world. Buildings shaped as robots or elephants. Yep, Bangkok has it all!

Explorer’s Corner

Bangkok might be the best place in the world for Urban Explorers. Here are some of our favourite areas to explore the backstreets, or watch the world pass by.

Want to get more inspiration for what to do in Bangkok? Check out our 10 tips for things to do in Bangkok or visit one of our travel centers in Thailand.

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