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Tangalle, Andaman, Koh Lipe: Beautiful Asian Islands and Beaches… with a Twist

Are you going to Asia and looking for a beach or island with a special touch, a bit off the beaten track, yet with access to comfortable accommodation? Here’s our recommendation for three possible locations, in three different countries, all with a little more personality than the usual. Beach season is upon us and the weather is inviting at all of these locations from 1 November through April. Explore Tangalle, Andaman, Koh Lipe.

Tangalle Beach, Sri Lanka

Hammock in front of the ocean. Idyllic vacation concept

Hammock in front of the ocean. Idyllic vacation concept

Go Beyond The Ordinary For: the finest (rough) beach in Sri Lanka

From November until April it is high season at the beach sites on the southern coast of Sri Lanka. If you prefer a location with fewer travellers, Tangalle is a perfect spot. The sea and waves are a bit rougher here, but the beach is vast, long and beautiful. There are only a few resorts (this will change soon, I promise) and you can walk for miles in the deep sand.

Turtles tends to love a combination of rough surf and forest right on the beach. During the full moon, you have a good chance of seeing green turtles laying their eggs on the long stretch of beach running eastwards.

Our team would recommend that you stay at the Mangrove Beach Cabanas, a laid-back and beautiful small resort, right on the beach.

Andaman Islands, India

Go Beyond The Ordinary For: remoteness and pristine beaches

Talking about beaches and India, Goa and Kerala always come up as THE beach destinations. Goa and Kerala have some fine beaches and some fine laid-back ambience that do attract beach lovers, so Go Beyond send quite a few travellers there from our office in Fort Kochi, Kerala.

But far out in the Bay of Bengal, closer to the west coast of Thailand than to India, the Andaman Islands are a relatively unknown jewel. The Andaman Islands, belonging to India, are a string of islands connected to the Nicobar Islands. Very few travellers venture here every year. Being far out in the ocean, underwater visibility is outstanding and there are several pristine dive spots. Across the island group you will find fine sand beaches, some with wild primary forest growing right down to the beach.

Get here by plane from India. Our team can help with the logistics and would recommend you stay at Barefoot Resort right between the sea and the jungle

Koh Lipe, Adang and Rawi, Southern Thailand

Koh Lipe Castaway boat

Go Beyond The Ordinary For: combination hipster island with remote islands nearby.

In the deep, deep south of Thailand on the Andaman side of this narrow strip, you’ll find Koh Lipe and its’ surrounding islands. Koh Lipe was once a completely forgotten paradise but is now visited more frequently and has become a hip destination due to its deep blue sea, reefs, and spectacular beaches. If you like to snorkel, the reef at the eastern edge of Koh Lipe has the best corals and an abundance of marine life. You can use Koh Lipe as your base for exploring the nearby and more remote islands.

Go by longtail boat to visit the national park island of Koh Adang and hang out on a pristine beach for a few hours. Or do a longer boat trip to Koh Rawis to find even more remote beaches. For the true explorer, rent a longtail boat and let them take you on a longer journey further north, to islands like Koh Bulon , Koh Phetra, and all the way up to Koh Kradan, where you will find an even healthier and unmolested reef.

If you need a little more inspiration or advice, send a note to thailand at so we can lend a hand. We’ll tell you right now that we suggest a stay here at the friendly Castaway Resort.

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