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The best places in Nimmanhaemin (Chiang Mai) – to eat or hang out

Jump on a bicycle and head towards the hip and happening Nimmanhaemin are in Chiang Mai – below you’ll find the best places in Nimmanhaemin!

Are you tired of walking in line after other travellers, when you discover what Chiang Mai has to offer? Do you want to know where the local hangout? Or are you looking for the creative vibe, the innovative youngsters and the small-scale passionate business owners?

Then look no further, Nimmanhaemin (or simply Nimman) is the place you want to steer your bike to. And here’s a list of the best places to get you started (based on thorough research and many, many cups of coffee and new found friends) – our list of the best places in Nimmanhaemin!

Either visit them separately as a destination in itself or knit them together for a full day of Nimman hipster life:

The Best Brunch – The Larder Cafe



Just the thought of their finely presented plates and bowls is worth travelling across the city for. Here are freshly baked sourdough bread, perfectly poured cappuccinos and chocolate fudge brownies with soft vanilla ice cream. The ingredients are fresh and the producers handpicked. Yummi!

The Larder Café is the place to be, and be seen; the place to meet friends and just to hang out with a good cup of morning coffee. It can be quite hectic during peak hours, but you never feel rushed. Sit inside in the cosy surroundings or outside on the small terrace down the quiet soi.

Location: Sukkasem Rd. (off Nimman right after Nimman Soi 2)


The Best Coffee – Ristr8to


…not just in Nimman but the best in Chiang Mai! Why? Because each cup is brewed on perfectly roasted coffee beans carefully selected for the purpose and topped off with a decent amount of passion. What’s even more, each cup is a piece of art (literally) with its own unique pattern.

The ambience is equally attractive resembling the love for coffee and a communal atmosphere. Being a rather small joint count on sharing your table with others – and most likely leave with a couple of new friends. No wonder the place gets rave reviews!

Location: Nimman main street between Soi 5 and 7.


The Best Lunch – Rustic and Blue


Farm fresh and homemade ingredients, prepared and served so they satisfy the eye, the body and the soul. No compromises are made and whether you are in for hearty home-produced sausages, healthy quinoa salads, micro-brewed beers or homemade cheese boards this has something for you.

Rustic and Blue is the kind of small neighbourhood joint that somehow feels like an extension of your own living room. It’s rather small with urban cool, raw interior and a communal table. It even sports a small shaded garden with its very own teepee.

Location: Nimman soi 7, just 20 meters down on the right-hand side


The Best place for Tea – Tea Tales


A fresh welcoming aroma greets you and an oasis of calmness surrounds you. Tea Tales does tea with passion and there’s a flavour to satisfy everyone. The tea is perfectly prepared – both water temperature and steeping time is respected and informed.

Inside you’ll find tea from floor to ceiling in smaller or larger tin cans or containers. It’s old school with a twist of modernity. The place is small but you can find a calm place to sit inside or do some people watching on the small patio outside.

Location: Nimman Soi 9


The most photogenic place… and the best place for ice cream – iBerry


A comedian turned ice cream maker with an absurdly creative mind? Voila, you have iBerry in Nimman. The ice creams are flavoursome, hearty and creamy, and immensely popular for a reason.

iBerry occupies a house in a garden and the whole area is turned into a giant art space. A huge pink plastic dog greets you at the entrance, coloured lamps hang from the big garden tree and the door handles has been replaced by machine guns. And the rest? That’s for you to explore…

Location: Nimman Soi 17 – just follow the yellow iBerry sign


The Best Gallery – Gallery Seescape


When Monocle finds it worth featuring a person or place in their magazine you should normally pay attention. This is definitely the case for Gallery Seescape, which has come to be a fine example of the creative vibe that has swept over Chiang Mai in the recent years.

Far from being your regular gallery, Seescape uses the inside of a broken truck as art space, constantly holds “work-in-progress” and utilises the artsy surroundings to house a small scale local shop and over-the-counter coffee bar. There’s always something new going on at Gallery Seescape.

Location: Nimman Soi 17, right in the cross in the middle


The Best Thai Dinner – Khun Nai Teun Sai


Not only is the food comforting and good, it is also extremely good value, served in an ambient homey garden setting. Items on the menu are Thai with a twist. Try the Pad Thai based on seaweed and the delicately prepared mushrooms.

While the food is superb, the ambience and décor is a story in itself. All around you, you will find toys that throw you right back to your childhood. Not least, everything is carried out in a cosy garden setting where you can hang out over small tables or long communal tables. This is low-key and laidback – the perfect place for an unpretentious dinner.

Location: Nimman Soi 11


The Best Bar – Oh Bar


No frills bar – raw, cool and hip. The bartenders are super cool, the beers are cold and they are served with plenty of attitude, yet no pretentiousness. It’s local in the very fine way and the hip youngsters hang out way after closing hours.

The décor is sparse, raw and vintage style, resembling the garage feeling that it is. You are sure to have a fine night and probably new friends when finally the garage door is shut.

Location: Nimman Soi 13


Have you found your favourite amongst the best places in Nimmanhaemin?

With that, these are the places WE think is the best places in Nimmanhaemin. But what do you think? Have you found a secret gem we, and other travellers, should know about?

Share it with us! It’ll make someone’s day!

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