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5 reasons why NOW is the time to go to Hanoi and North Vietnam

When is the best time to go to Hanoi and North Vietnam? Well, you can go year round, but you really want to go NOW.

And why the North you may ask? Hanoi is the very cool capital of Vietnam. It is also the gateway to the scenic mountains and beautiful limestone landscapes of the North. Combining these, you get a wide array of very different experiences; busy and exciting street life, amazing trekking options, local homestays, and, not least, a journey through the UNESCO certified Halong Bay. That’s a bucket list item for sure.

When should you explore Hanoi and North Vietnam? We say NOW –  for 5 reasons:

time to go to hanoi - Man working in green rice fields Vietnam

NOW is the time to go to Vietnam

1. FLIGHTS. Overseas, regional and domestic flight connections to Hanoi are increasing by the day

Just a few years ago, chances were you had to make at least 2 stops to fly to Hanoi. Not anymore! Vietnam is now on the radars of international airlines such as Air France, Emirates, Qatar Airways and Turkish Airlines, all flying to/from the Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi.

On top of that, the regional air traffic options are increasing by the day. For example: How about combining going to Hanoi with explorations in Burma (flying with Emirates to Yangon)? Some adrenaline kicks in Laos (flying with Lao Airlines to Luang Prabang)? Or a cultural excursion to Cambodia (flying with Cambodia Angkor Air to Siem Reap)? The possibilities to tailor your trip exactly how you like is easier than ever!

You can connect easily within Vietnam, too – just a short flight away from Hanoi, you can sink your feet into the soft white sand at Phu Quoc Island or why not go sailing in the iconic Mekong Delta?

So really, NOW is the time to go to Hanoi and North Vietnam. Once you have your ticket, go for a soft landing in a new city:


Halong Bay boat and limestone cliffs

Clear blue sky and pleasant weather in Halong Bay

2. WEATHER. NOW is the time for clear skies and pleasant weather in North Vietnam

Springtime, roughly from March to June, is an excellent time to plan a trip to North Vietnam. In Hanoi (central north), the temperatures are still pleasant before the summer heat sets in. The climate is usually cooler in the Sapa Mountains (north-west), but not right now – it’s warmer and the days are mostly sunny. Not least, Halong Bay (east coast) now offers the best chance of warm days and clear skies.

Is NOW too soon for you? Dread not. You’ll get a new chance in the autumn. The weather gets just as good when we hit September and October.

Smiling Halong Bay boat crew

You don’t need to travel far to find friendly and smiling locals in Vietnam

3. DURATION. Perfect for a short and sweet holiday

You don’t have to get like a month off from your work or studies to go to North Vietnam. 14 days can really do it, giving you a fine combination of urban life in Hanoi, trekking in Sapa and explorative and relaxing time on board a sailboat in Halong Bay.

If you can’t stand the thought of missing out on some good old beach time while there, jump on the direct flight to Phu Quoc Island. Within a couple of hours, you’ll have your own little bounty beach at your feet!

Secure your short and sweet holiday now!


Vietnamese man and cattles in the mountains

Mountains, nature and local life – just a short ride from Hanoi

4. GATEWAY. To the mountains, local homestays and Halong Bay

Hanoi is your gateway to great explorations. Beyond the city limits, you can stay with a local family; plough with their ox, plant rice with them in the fields, cook delicious Vietnamese food. It’s a fantastic way to meet new friends while you travel. Continue to the enormously beautiful UNESCO certified Halong Bay, cruise in the waters and be amazed by the limestone cliffs, explore dark caves and get close to the remote waters in a kayak.

Or how about a trip into the mountains? A comfortable overnight train ride will take you from Hanoi to Sapa. You’ll find beautiful trekking routes, meet local minority tribes, bike in the mountain tracks and rest your eyes on picturesque Vietnamese countryside landscapes.

Quiet street in hanoi

A rare quiet moment in otherwise lively Hanoi

5. URBAN Hanoi. Let’s not forget Hanoi, the charming and happening capital

Slow and old; buzzing and active. That’s the lovely contradictory Hanoi of today – tomorrow it may be something else. And that’s a good reason why you should go now – the transformation Hanoi is going through is something to be seen with your own eyes.

Don’t be afraid to venture into the streets. Go down a small side street – you’ll most likely find a street kitchen where you can pause and enjoy a steaming hot bowl of noodle soup. Take in the sight of the many scooter drivers weaving a pattern in the streets like fishes do at sea. They are ever-present, and honking vehicles provide the soundtrack of the city.


Let us give you a golden introduction to Hanoi:

…the hidden gems and the charming streets, showing you what not to miss, leaving out what you want to avoid. Book an Urban Arrival Package, and we will pick you up at the airport and accommodate you at a small family hotel in a quiet side street. Our Travel Center is in-house, so help is always at hand when you have questions. We are more than ready to bring you along on tours that give you the best of Hanoi and Vietnam. Let’s go!

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