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Yoga while Travelling? Chiang Mai as a Treat for you.

It can be challenging to stay in shape while traveling to new countries with exotic cuisines, different cultures, and an ever-changing exciting environment. If you plan to go to Chiang Mai this is the place to put down your backpack for some days and get into yoga.


This blog entry is the words and experience of Leslie and Iris from the blog Meet You at the Bridge.

Chiang Mai, the capital of Northern Thailand has it all: fascinating Buddhist temples with shimmering golden spires on every street; fresh smoothie bars on every corner, local food markets, a rising art scene, life music cafe’s, an easy escape to the mountains and waterfalls and many places to practice yoga.


If you want to treat yourself, escape the city hustle with a daily morning and evening yoga while you stay at Eco Resort. The eco-friendly hostel is a former colonial school transformed into a peaceful getaway. It is set in a beautiful and quiet tropical garden with an Olympic size swimming pool. Eco Resort is situated in a calm area near the riverside. The area is up and coming and is home to many art galleries, hip cafes, restaurants and local bars. Find Chiang Mai old town at just a 10-minute bike-ride from Eco resort. The bikes are free to use during your yoga treat.


You start the day with a good breakfast with fresh fruit, eggs and pancakes before you jump on your bike to the yoga school. The yoga practice takes places at a charming old wooden house tucked away in a small alley at the East gate of old town. Whether you are a pro yogi or a beginner, the lessons are a great practice for each level. Each lesson starts with practicing your breath before you move into Downward-Facing Dog and start your vinyasa. Practicing this popular yoga each movement flows into another. Every sequence from Chaturanga to Upward-Facing Dog to Downward-Facing Dog is performed with the breath and the teacher guides and helps you throughout the whole lesson.


In between your morning and evening class there is plenty of time to drink a fresh smoothie at one of the healthy cafes in the area, stroll around in the old city or take a refreshing dive in the Olympic swimming pool at Eco Resort. One thing is for sure, after your 4-day yoga treat you feel energized, healthy and totally relaxed and you might have a new addiction.




Ready to treat yourself? Check out the 4 days Yoga treat Chiang Mai 


Want to follow Leslie and Iris around the world? You can follow their footsteps here:

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